TCRP 2012 Human Rights Report: AISD Inequitable Funding and Vestiges of Segregation

Blackshear photo by Alan Pogue

Blackshear Elementary School “We Are the World so We Better Learn About It”

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From the introduction . . .

It is no secret in the Austin Independent School District that schools in some parts of town have significantly better education programs and resources than those in other parts of town. The schools are dramatically different from each other, both in quality of facilities and in quality of education. The campuses are easily discernible (and predictable) in terms of the affluence (and often race) of the communities in which they are located.

Though this lack of parity in facilities and opportunity is widely known, there is little discussion about it, and no attempt to remedy it. Thus it is that economically-disadvantaged children, who are often minority students, already one step behind their colleagues across town, cannot help but fall further behind, year after year, in their academic progress. Their educational journey should prepare them for life in the American democracy and in our local communities, but AISD does not prepare them as well as it could, or should.

One reason for this inequitable and unfair situation is that AISD allows and supports the private subsidization of higher-income (or “higher-equity”) schools, sometimes by as much as $1,000/student more than the amount of funds that support students in lower-income (or “lower-equity”) schools. It is no wonder with this grossly unfair private subsidy that higher-income and higher-equity schools offer their students expanded educational opportunities that poorer students do not have. AISD allows this to happen, and winks its eye at it.


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