Spring 2013 Law Clerks – TCRP

Cassandra Champion

Cassandra Champion

After growing up in Northwest Arkansas, I moved from there to New York, to Austin, to the Pacific Northwest, and finally back to Austin.  Despite some of its drawbacks, Texas feels like home.  That’s why I’m proud to say I have been admitted to the Texas Bar and am planting my professional and personal roots here.  I recently graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law where I cultivated my commitment to the public interest.  From my nine months working at the Public Defender Office to my clerkships at the Civil Liberties Defense Center and Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, I consistently worked with underserved populations to help increase their access to justice.  As I build a career, I hope it will include endeavors such as prison law advocacy to improve conditions for Texas inmates, education for law enforcement and the community on how to help individuals with mental health issues, and acting as a general activist clearinghouse to protect First Amendment rights.  TCRP has afforded me the opportunity to get exposure to all of these areas of law and more, as well as be surrounded by inspirational individuals on a daily basis.

I participated in cases ranging from the initial investigation to post-judgment collection efforts. As part of my investigation efforts, I requested information from government agencies pursuant to the Public Information Act. I was able to interact with clients and opposing counsel. I now feel comfortable drafting discovery requests and responses to several types of non-dispositive motions. The crowning achievement of my time at TCRP was when we were granted a motion for preliminary injunction in federal court, at least partly because of work that I had done.  I know that because of my time at TCRP, I have skills that are attractive to employers, and my chances of finding a job are higher.


Dave Mauch

I’m from a small Texas town called El Campo, but I fled to Austin the first chance I got and have been here ever since. I double-majored in Rhetoric and Philosophy at UT in undergrad, and am currently a 2L at UT Law. My interest in public interest law comes from a number of places — my experiences serving my community as an Eagle Scout, my tendency to challenge authority figures, and my love for studying theories of power. I first became involved with TCRP after handling an 8th Amendment claim for an inmate at a small firm I was working at between undergrad and law school; the case sparked an interest in inmate rights that I’ve been nurturing since. In my free time, I nerd out about music and brew my own beer.

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