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Odessa, police face federal suit over alleged brutality

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ODESSA, TEXAS – Police brutality … that’s what an Odessa man claims happened to him. Now, two years later, a civil rights group is taking up his case and filing a federal lawsuit against two police officers and the City of Odessa.

Jose Duran
Jose Duran

The Odessa Police Department says they will be investigating the charges of brutality that have been raised against their officers, and they encourages witnesses to come forward, to aid that investigation.


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Odessa Police Department Sued

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two Odessa Police officers and the city find themselves amid a federal civil rights lawsuit. Odessa resident Jose Duran, says he was mistreated by two Odessa officers two years ago. Duran claims he was tasered and pepper sprayed while he was reacting to an insulin defficiency.

When he received the shock, he fell and broke his arm. He says the excessive force was unnecessary. OPD Chief Chris Pipes says the matter will be looked into.

“We`re suing the police department… the city and the officers in relationship to a policy that they have that allows tasers to be used on people who are clearly in medical crisis,” said Briana Stone, Duran`s Attorney.

“We take allegations very seriously we do a lot of internal investigations, we`ll do it here and it`ll be two things we`ll either take disciplinary action or we`re clear our officer`s good names,” said Cheif Chris Pipes.

Pipes says he recalls reading about the incident since use of force reports are produced whenever an incident like this happens. Those officers will remain on duty, unless the investigation finds wrongdoing.

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