Promotora – Comunidades Activas Moviendo Barreras de Injusticia y Opresión – (CAMBIO)

A Promotora is an informal grassroots worker who provides basic education, guidance, and referral services to their community. The Promotoras are current and former Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) clients who are training to become grassroots advocates and provide basic education, guidance, and referral services to immigrant victims of domestic violence. In 2007, Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project brought the first Promotora program to rural West Texas and the Permian Basin.

The name “CAMBIO” is an acronym that stands for Active Communities Moving Barriers of Injustice and Oppression (Communidades Activas Movieñdo Barreras de Injusticia y Opresión.) As immigrant survivors of domestic abuse, CAMBIO members can relate to their peers, reach more people, and provide them with culturally sensitive information that will facilitate community self-development.

The Promotoras have been actively receiving training to bring awareness of services in the community and will give presentations on topics such as “Know Your Rights” and VAWA.Their communication skills training also enables them to be in the media (such as newspaper or radio) to promote CAMBIO and their efforts. The Promotoras have also participated in trainings Leadership Skills, Globalization, History and many other courses that have expanded their knowledge and built their capacity.

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