23 Feb Why I #AmplifyCivilRights: Sarah

As Amplify Austin approaches, we are spotlighting some of our donors and asking them why they #AmplifyCivilRights! You can schedule your gift for Amplify TODAY at bit.ly/AmplifyTCRP.

My name is Sarah. I was born in and grew up in Travis Heights. Growing up I did not know that people here, people I interacted with every day, worried about persecution. I did not know that I should worry. I never thought twice that everyone should be afforded the same rights and should be given the opportunity to succeed and to live their lives unafraid. I was lucky and privileged to grow up this way.

However, as I got older I came to realize that things were not that way in reality. The beauty that I wanted for the world and that I thought was possible was stilted. Immigrants, minorities, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people — people — were singled out, were unable to pursue their dreams, were unable to live their lives without worry for their basic rights.

When I reflect upon my own life and background, especially in these times, I am proud to know that my ancestors immigrated to this country and were given the right and chance to live as Jews, as Mexicans, as scientists, as doctors, as caretakers, and as people. The thought that others may not have the same chance goes against everything I believe in and everything that I believe our civil rights have been codified to protect. Human rights are just that – rights for humans and rights to preserve our humanity. I give to TCRP because I know that they work to preserve this humanity and our human rights.

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