19 Apr RELEASE: Texas Civil Rights Project launches campaign to assist borderland property owners, oppose border wall

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Contact: Melissa Martinez, Communications Coordinator
Phone: 512.474.5073 ext. 110
Email: melissa@texascivilrightsproject.org

RELEASE: Texas Civil Rights Project launches campaign to assist borderland property owners, oppose border wall

TCRP prepares to represent Texas landowners targeted by the federal government to build a border wall. The know your rights video offers concerned landowners assistance to ensure they receive fair treatment.

Alamo, TX — Today, the Texas Civil Rights Project launched a new campaign, including bilingual videos, to protect the civil rights of Texas landowners while delaying construction of a wall that is offensive to communities and ineffective as a matter of immigration policy.

TCRP will represent border landowners who will soon face eminent domain actions by the federal government attempting to build a border wall on their property. Our campaign will also involve training and deploying legal volunteers to ensure that landowners have the representation they deserve, particularly those who are poor and/or lack the skills to successfully navigate the judicial system.

As part of our outreach, TCRP’s new videos detail, in English and Spanish, the protections landowners have under the U.S. Constitution to be notified in writing, provided just compensation, and heard by a jury of their peers to determine the value of their land before it is taken. TCRP will conduct know your rights trainings and distribute the video extensively across the Texas borderlands.

As an organization, TCRP was founded in the Texas borderlands to fight back against civil rights threats in that community — and later, across the state. With attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso, TCRP is ready to protect residents in the borderlands from the proposed border wall that threatens to divide and harm millions of residents.

Efrén Olivares, Racial and Economic Justice Director at the Texas Civil Rights Project, said:

“We are ready for a contested, protracted resistance alongside Texan landowners. Under the rules governing federal condemnation actions, a landowner who disagrees with the amount offered by the government has the right to request a jury trial. Our team at the Texas Civil Rights Project is ready to represent landowners, as well as train and deploy legal volunteers to ensure that all landowners have the representation and respect they deserve.

Ultimately, we know that the proposed border wall is the type of wrongheaded policy that threatens our community and distracts from the real issues facing our broken immigration system.”

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The Texas Civil Rights Project uses legal advocacy to empower Texas communities and create policy change. In its twenty-five year history, TCRP has brought thousands of strategic lawsuits, defending voting rights, fighting institutional discrimination, and reforming systems of criminal justice. Today — with dozens of high-caliber attorneys and professionals in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley, and an extensive network of pro bono counsel and community allies — TCRP is among the most influential civil rights organizations in the Lone Star State.