20 Jun RELEASE: San Antonio youth move to sue Texas to stop SB4

For Immediate Release
Tuesday June 20, 2017

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Zenen Jaimes Perez | 512.914.5905 | zenen@texascivilrightsproject.org
Drew Galloway | 210.396.0845 | drew@movesanantonio.org


RELEASE: San Antonio youth move to sue Texas to stop SB4


San Antonio, TX — Late Monday afternoon, MOVE San Antonio joined litigation to challenge the “show me your papers” law, Senate Bill 4. Represented by the Texas Civil Rights Project, the organization joins the consolidated case, City of Cenizo, et al. v. the State of Texas, et al.

A grassroots and nonpartisan organization, MOVE San Antonio works to empower San Antonio youth to participate in our democracy. Last year, MOVE San Antonio organizers and volunteers registered over 8,500 San Antonians to participate in the election.

As an organization made up of predominately of underrepresented communities of color, several of the members and residents of the communities in which they organize have already voiced concerns about appearing in the public sphere for fear of being targeted by local law enforcement or state officials under SB4. The expectation of retaliation on MOVE San Antonio’s protected First Amendment activities throws a blanket of fear and creates a chilling effect that can prevent MOVE San Antonio from accomplishing its critical work and mission.

Andrea, a member of MOVE San Antonio and a beneficiary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, said:

“As a public administration student at The University of Texas at San Antonio, I understand the importance of American democracy. I believe government can and should do good for people. SB4 does just the opposite: As a DACA student, this law makes me feel vulnerable, anxious, and uncertain about my academic future.”

“I see the fear in my mother’s eyes every day I leave for class. But because of my work at MOVE San Antonio, I know the power of my voice and our generation. We will overcome this law.”

Drew Galloway, Executive Director of MOVE San Antonio, said:

“Today, MOVE San Antonio proudly stands with immigrant and undocumented young people from across Texas against Senate Bill 4. This unjust and discriminatory law makes our university campuses unsafe and erodes the trust of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA), international, and undocumented students in the state’s higher educational system.”

“Because of SB4, young people on campuses across our city are more concerned with their personal safety than their future academic success. This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue – this is a human rights issue. MOVE San Antonio calls on students and young people across the state to protect your fellow classmates from this unconstitutional legislation. Together, our generation must lead the way forward.”

Efrén C. Olivares, the Racial & Economic Justice Director with the Texas Civil Rights Project, said:

“As expected, we are already seeing the effects of SB4 play out in the daily lives of Texans. Organizations like MOVE San Antonio are critical to ensure that everyone, including young people of color, can participate in our democracy. Unfortunately, SB4 threatens their critical work. When members of MOVE San Antonio are afraid to do their organizing, not only does the City of San Antonio suffer but also the very foundation of our First Amendment that protects their work.”

“At its core, we know that SB4 is a discriminatory and unnecessary law. We will fight, hand-in-hand with MOVE San Antonio to stop the law.”




The Texas Civil Rights Project uses legal advocacy to empower Texas communities and create policy change. In its twenty-five year history, TCRP has brought thousands of strategic lawsuits, defending voting rights, fighting institutional discrimination, and reforming systems of criminal justice. Today — with dozens of high-caliber attorneys and professionals in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley, and an extensive network of pro bono counsel and community allies — TCRP is among the most influential civil rights organizations in the Lone Star State.
MOVE San Antonio is a grassroots, nonpartisan nonprofit organization building political power in underrepresented youth communities through civic education, leadership development, and progressive issue advocacy. We give youth a voice in politics.