22 Sep Every single one of us

By Robbie & Tom Ausley

The Ausley Family

The fight to protect the civil rights of our community starts with each of us. In our many years of working with changemakers, the Texas Civil Rights Project is among the top of the list for the most impactful.

Their work has led to a meaningful change for countless Texans who rely on TCRP for their persistent fight both in and out of the courtroom.

It is no easy task to persevere when state officials are determined to advance an agenda of hate, as well as undermine the work of important organizations like TCRP. So we are doubling down on our support.

Today only, we will match all contributions made by TCRP supporters up to $1,000. Please join us in contributing to this organization that will continue to protect the civil rights of our community.

Your support means that the attorneys and advocates at TCRP can continue the work of bringing change to Texas communities.

You can also learn more about #FightForRights Campaign here.

Robbie & Tom Ausley are advocates for civil rights in Texas.