22 Sep We’re heading to court today to stop discrimination and hate in Texas

By Texas Civil Rights Project

Today, the Texas Civil Rights Project is in New Orleans for a hearing on the State of Texas’s challenge to the preliminary injunction against the anti-immigrant, “show me your papers” law SB4. A panel of three federal judges with the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit will decide if the statewide injunction on SB4 will continue.

TCRP filed a lawsuit challenging the anti-immigrant, “show me your papers” law, SB4 on behalf of the community organizing groups the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund and MOVE San Antonio, and in partnership with El Paso County and Richard Wiles, the County Sheriff.

Our complaint challenged SB4 on a number of grounds, and through our litigation, we aim to protect public safety particularly within immigrant communities, prevent racial profiling, and protect local law enforcement. At its core, SB4 is an attempt to turn all Texas cities, counties, and university police departments into immigration officers. This puts millions of Texans at risk for profiling and discrimination.

All Texans, regardless of their immigration status, deserve to live free of harassment and discrimination. Ultimately, the “show me your papers” law targets communities that have been attacked by both the state and federal governments already, further upending the lives of immigrant families throughout Texas

Before the law was signed, SB4 faced stiff resistance from the immigrant community, domestic violence and family advocacy groups, as well as by Texas sheriffs and police chiefs who argue that the law breeds distrust in law enforcement and endangers public safety.

SB4 was set to go into effect on September 1, 2017. However, on August 30, 2017, Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio issued an order preliminarily enjoining the major provisions of SB4 — including all of its core restrictions. Instead of accepting this defeat, the State of Texas sought to overturn the injunction.

Allowing SB4 to go into effect will put millions of Texans at risk and will cause unnecessary and harmful turmoil to cities and counties dealing with the ramifications of this law.

We are confident the court will make the right decision and stand with Texas immigrants and families. However, TCRP will be ready to defend immigrant communities both in and out of the courtroom if the injunction is overturned.

Click here for more information on TCRP’s efforts to Stop SB4.