This is an important moment in the Texas Civil Rights Project’s 26-year history. As lawmakers and state officials become increasingly hostile to civil rights, TCRP’s efforts to create lasting change have sparked a backlash, leading the abrupt loss of roughly $900,000 to the organization as of September 1st.


We need your help to raise $2.2 million so that we can keep fighting for Texas communities for years to come.


Why we need your support

The fact of the matter is that our state is changing. There is a powerful rising movement for equality, justice, and human dignity that is transforming Texas. And people in power are afraid — meaning they will do everything they can to throw up barriers for organizations and people working to advance civil rights in our state.


That’s why, as lawmakers and state officials become increasingly hostile to civil rights and afraid of losing their own positions, we have been victim to our own success. Recently, our efforts to create lasting change sparked a backlash, leading to the abrupt loss of roughly $900,000 as of September 1st. TCRP had been receiving this funding since 1991.


The road to change Texas is a long and difficult journey. It will require a strong and resilient movement to represent the needs of the most vulnerable Texans. Which is why we are asking you to join the Fight for Rights Campaign, our new, broad effort to replace the lost funding and sustain our work for years to come.

Texas is the center of the roll-back on civil rights we are seeing across the country. We cannot back down. Read a message from our Executive Director about our critical need to #FightForRights.

Our Outreach Toolkit has everything you need to help us #FightForRights with your friends and family.

You can fight to protect and expand civil rights in Texas through monthly giving, corporate matching, giving while you shop, and more.

TCRP’s efforts to challenge the injustices that are all too common in our state have sparked a backlash. Join our Fight for Rights Campaign and defend our work today.
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