Civil Rights Intake

Before contacting the Texas Civil Rights Project, please note the following guidelines.


First, we do not handle the following types of cases: criminal defense; parole; family law (including child support, child custody, and divorce); immigration; insurance issues or IRS and tax issues. If you need assistance with one of these types of cases, you should call the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Service at 1-­800-­252-­9690 and ask for an attorney in your area.


Second, filling out our online intake form, or completing the intake interview process does not form an attorney­-client relationship, nor does it guarantee that TCRP will help you in any way.


Third, we are a small non­profit organization, dedicated to using legal advocacy to empower Texas communities and create policy change. We ultimately pursue a small fraction of cases that come in through our public intake process.


To begin the intake process, please call 512-474-5073 to schedule a telephone interview, or click here for our online intake form.

TCRP’s efforts to challenge the injustices that are all too common in our state have sparked a backlash. Join our Fight for Rights Campaign and defend our work today.
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