Enforcing High School Voter Registration Laws


The right to vote is fundamental. Registering to vote should be an easy, straightforward, and open process for everyone but especially so for young people who are beginning to get their first experiences in the voting process.


In fact, numerous studies show that when young people learn the voting process early, they are more likely to continue their democratic participation later in life. It also increases the likelihood that others in their households will vote, especially among communities of color and immigrant families. Unfortunately, in Texas, there are still too many barriers to getting young people registered to vote.


For over three years, TCRP has been investigating compliance with the state’s high school voter registration law and producing detailed reports outlining widespread non-compliance and ignorance of the statute. TCRP is also partnering with groups like the Texas Organizing Project that are organizing students, parents, and faculty in high schools to hold voter registration and information drives.


Our efforts will ensure that high school students get a fair shot at participating in the democratic process and improve the state’s bottom-of-the-barrel voter registration and turnout.