Mimi Marziani

Executive Director

Mimi Marziani has an extensive background in civil rights advocacy as well as expertise in election law. She previously directed voting rights programs for multiple political campaigns and committees, also overseeing compliance with election law.

Natalia Cornelio

Criminal Justice Reform Director

Natalia Cornelio served as an assistant federal public defender for indigent persons accused of federal crimes in Houston, where she witnessed first-hand the overuse of criminal laws and incarceration, including against persons of color and indigent persons.

Beth Stevens

Voting Rights Director

Beth Harrison Stevens is responsible for the oversight of TCRP’s voting rights litigation and for partnering with local, state-wide, and nationwide organizations to ensure eligible Texans are able to vote.

Efrén C. Olivares

Racial & Economic Justice Director

Efrén C. Olivares handles and supervises cases in state and federal court involving institutional discrimination, constitutional violations, immigrants’ rights, disability and economic rights, among others.

For all interview & press inquires, please contact Melissa Martinez, Communications Coordinator at  melissa@texascivilrightsproject.org.

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