Veterans Services

Texas is home to over 1.6 million veterans of military service, the highest number in the nation. Veterans returning from deployment sometimes have mental, emotional, and physical injuries stemming from their service. TCRP empowers veterans and educates the community to remove any stigma the effects of war may still carry.


We provide advocacy and legal assistance to veterans with disabilities who experience serious civil rights violations or who face discrimination. We also host “Know Your Rights” presentations with a focus on veterans’ issues. In addition to offering veterans the same services we offer all individuals for civil rights protections, we also work on several issues most common to veterans.



  • We ensure service animals are not denied entry to protected public places.
  • We advocate for the expansion of Veteran Treatment Courts.
  • We assist veterans with discharge status upgrades.
  • We are accredited to assist veterans with applications for VA benefits when we are assisting those individuals with an accompanying legal issue.